Gift Day 2015

On Sunday 8 February 2015, we had a Gift Day with a target of £350,000 - realising this was a big and bold amount and honestly - it seemed beyond us - and yet, we believed we needed to step out in response to God’s goodness and guidance.


We are overjoyed and greatly encouraged to have raised £330,837.35 - an incredible expression of worship to God. Here's the audio clip from Sunday 22 February if you happened to miss it! 


We again want to say a huge thank you for responding so generously and coming together, enabling us as a family to step forward. As we continue to 'climb this mountain', we want to be sure to pause and take in the view - the beauty and goodness of our Heavenly Father who has showered us with  many blessings.

You may want to use this song 'Blessed be your name' to give thanks and glory to God where you are.



This money will enable us to do three things:

• Pay the deposit on the Phase 1 loan - the Purchase of Ideas (25% of £780,000 is £195,000)

• Begin to raise the deposit on a potential Phase 2 loan - the Exterior Refurbishment (25% of £600,000 is £150,000)

• Enable us to move forward, as we aim to move into our new home, mid-late 2018




Missed the original Gift Day presentation?

Click to listen online (6 minutes)




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