• We hope to hear back from planning for The Majestic site in the next few months

• Just this week we received consent to knock down our part of 18 Windsor Ave (the old building at the back of our existing site). An important step in clearing and maximising the value of our site to sell.

• Meetings are happening with Hall Black Douglas (our architects) to progress the detailed design stage which will allow us to begin the tender process pre-Christmas.




Back in February our Pledges figure was up to £158k per year.

Well over 100 people are giving over and above regular giving. 

We need £191k per year to pay for our move and new home.


In March, we were encouraged by an increase to £164k in pledges.


Last Sunday, it was great to announce

our current pledges figure now stands

at £176,761k per year! 


Thank you to all who have been giving regularly and for those who have joined over the past few months. So encouraging to see us coming together and moving forward.





The second target is our deposit fund (which is the fund we need to build up to be able to approach banks about a loan to finance the refurbishment work).


Our target for that fund is £500k (half a million pounds)

and currently it sits at just under £200k

- so the challenge we face is to CLOSE THE GAP!




And so on Sunday 25 June, we’re going to have a Gift Day, where all money given

that Sunday will go towards closing the gap on our deposit fund.

The target of the gift day is £300,000


A scary amount of money to raise in one day, but at our last gift day in 2015,

we came together and raised over £330k…we’ve done it before!


Let’s break this down.

There are roughly 300 adults gather on a Sunday morning.

If everyone gave £100, we’d raise £30,000

If everyone gave £500, we’d raise £150,000

If everyone gave £1000, we meet our target (£300,000).


We fully appreciate, not everyone can give that amount

but if everyone gives something on 25 June, we’ll close the gap as much as possible.


25 June is also our church family bbq (after the morning service),

so think of it like this - it could be the most expensive burger you’ll ever have!!


More details on how to give on Sunday 25 June will be released over the next few weeks.





If you’re new to Windsor or don’t know much about this project (or our new home),

please visit wbcometogether.org to discover more and how you can be involved.

Thanks again for your support and incredible generosity. 

Let’s keep going and CLOSE THE GAP!

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